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Zip Finance

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Thanks to Zip Money You can own it now, pay later *#

Zip gives you the freedom to buy the things you love today. No fuss, no wait, no worries



=> Ideal for life’s bigger buys Over $1,000 ( Maximum spend $5,000 )

=> Interest free period Up to 48 months interest free

=> Establishment Fee $0-$49 (one off fee added to your balance)

=> Minimum repayments From $40/month or 3% (whichever is greater)

=> Monthly fees $6/month (waived if you have no balance)


# Subject to Zip Money Terms and conditions - Click here

* Subject to Buggzys Zip Terms and conditions-

The following Buggzys Terms and conditions apply to all Zip Purchases -

=> All credit is provided by Zip Money - # Subject to Zip Money Terms and conditions

=> Eligible purchases for services provided by Buggzys Electrical & Air Conditioning are able to be paid for using Zip Money as the payment option only available for normal retail pricing. Additional charges may be incurred for all discounted quotes and services. - Please check with us prior to purchase if you will be paying with Zip Money so that we can confirm the pricing.

=> If paying with Zip, then payment must be finalised on the day prior to the works being completed. - Our office staff will assist you with this.

=> If you have any questions about the process please contact our office on 0400007441

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