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Split System Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning - 

We specialise in the supply and installation of split system air conditioners.

=> HEATING & COOLING - These reverse cycle units provide both heating and cooling, so they can keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature all year round.

=> ENERGY EFFICIENT - Inverter type Split Systems are the most energy efficient form of electrical cooling and heating available, with new technology built into systems making them run quieter, with a greater output while using less electricity.

=> ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - All new units supplied include the new R32 refrigerant which is a lot safer for our environment and off the most energy efficiency.

=> FREE MEASURE & QUOTE - We will help you choose which size and brand system will suit your specific requirements, to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the system

=> QUALIFICATIONS - All installations are performed by our qualified tradesman - not sub contractors. These include qualified A Grade electricians, Licenced refrigerant plumbers with the VBA and certified with ArcTick. - This allows us to complete the full installation on the same day, saving you time and money.

=> INSTALLATION TYPES -  Types of installation vary depending on the design of your building and the location where you want the inside and outside units installed. We are able to complete all types of installation from simple "Back to Back" installs - as shown in the photo on the left, to more complicated installations in multi story developments, on roofs and on inside walls.

We will be able to advise you of the best location for a system at your property and explain the installation process.

=> COSTS -The cost of each installation varies depending on the job required and the unit you are installation. Generally Basic "back to back" installation will cost between $1,000 and $1,200

=> SUPPLIERS - We have access to all the best brands of units on the market and due to our large buying power, we are able to pass these savings onto the client. 

=> WARRANTY & COMPLIANCE - All installations include 5 Year Manufacturer warranty on the unit and 6 year installation  warranty. All installations include certificates of compliance for both plumbing and electrical works.

Split system installed
Split system installed
Split system installed
Split system installation
Multiple Split systems installed
Split system installation
Split system installation
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