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We are proud to be the local approved supplier of the
Victorian Government's Home Heating Upgrades Program - Ballarat & surrounds.
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Steps to get started...
Final steps completed by Buggzys...

5. Buggzys call in to measure & scope installation requirements  

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7. We also then send your quote to Solar Victoria for their acceptance of rebate 

8. Buggzys Install your new air conditioner - We will complete your works as quickly as possible. ( the average installation is completed within 2 weeks )

9. Congratulations! Your installation is complete and the Certificates for electrical & plumbing will be compiled at our office and emailed to client when ready  

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6. Once our tradesman have inspected your job, we will provide you with a written emailed quote for you to consider. To accept quote, please sign and return to us by email

Buggzys Supply & Install quality Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Units from the approved products list - 
  • AVANTI - 2.5kw cooling / 3.2kw Heating
  • AVANTI - 3.5kw cooling / 3.7kw Heating
  • AVANTI - 6.3kw cooling / 7.1kw Heating
  • AVANTI PLUS - 2.5kw cooling / 3.2kw Heating
  • AVANTI PLUS - 3.5kw cooling / 4.3kw Heating
  • AVANTI PLUS - 5kw cooling / 6kw Heating
Please note that Avanti Plus models are not in stock and must be ordered in. They are also more expensive that the standard Avanti models and are in short supply.
All Installations include 5 year Manufacturer warranty on the unit & 6 year installation warranty by Buggzys Electrical & Air Conditioning

Frequently asked questions - 

What do I need to prove my income eligibility?

    > Owner-occupiers can use a valid concession card to prove your income, or we’ll tell you what other documents we need.

    > If you are a rental provider, you’ll need: a declaration of your renters’ income, or to confirm rent for the property is    $500 per week or less

Are renters eligible for this program? 

    > YES! Rental properties are eligible. Landlords may apply to upgrade heaters in their rental property to benefit low-income renters. Renters will be encouraged to work with their landlords to upgrade heating and cooling on the property.


Which suppliers can I use?

    > You must only use an approved Home Heating and Cooling Upgrades supplier to install your energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioner. - The team at Buggzys Electrical & Air Conditioning are approved :)


What are we doing to implement the benefits to our customers? 

    > To receive the government rebate on your new installation or upgrade of an existing system, you will require the installer to be registered with ESV and the VBA. We are a registered ESV and VBA supplier to ensure we can continue to provide the highest quality of service to our community. 


How will I receive my rebate token?

    > Once you complete the online application, the HHCU team from Solar Victoria will email your rebate token if they approve your application.


Will the rebate cover the purchase and installation of the reverse-cycle air conditioner?

    > The rebate most likely won’t cover the entire cost of the reverse-cycle air conditioner. However the rebate is a substantial reduction in cost, the program will require you to cover the difference. 

You may receive an additional rebate if you need to:

  • decommission a gas heater, or

  • if you have to upgrade your electrical switchboard to safely install the new system


Can I supply my own unit to have installed?

No, the supplier must supply and install the unit from the approved products list.

What about larger units, can they be installed too?

The largest Mitsubishi H.I. unit which is on the approved products list is the 6.3kw Bronte unfortunatally this is the largest Mitsubishi H.I. unit available to be installed under the HHCU scheme.

How do I get my old heating system decommissioned?

    > An approved HHCU supplier needs to arrange for the decommissioning of your old system, this process is facilitated by the team at Buggzys Electrical & Air Conditioning


Can I buy a system now and get reimbursed later?

    > Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Households must confirm they are eligible and receive their token before undertaking the installation.

Can i choose which system i want to have installed?

Yes! - But you must ensure the unit is listed as approved on the approved products list - note that we only supply Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units from the list.

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